Go to the Rally Admin

You have made the decision to explore how Rally can optimize your store’s checkout experience. We are excited to have you join Rally, answer any additional questions you may have, and get your checkout up and running ASAP if that’s the route you decide to go. 

Your first step will be a customized onboarding call with your Rally support team to get your account set up.


Onboarding Call

What to expect?

During your Rally onboarding call, you can expect to cover the following items. Your Rally support team will be there to help every step of the way. If you have anything additional you would like to cover during onboarding, just let us know!

Create your account and tour the admin

  • Sign up for your account

    • We will send you an account creation link during the onboarding call so you can create your account and get logged in

  • Tour the Rally admin

    • We will walk you through the Rally admin so you get to know your way around and so that you can start to configure your account

Going Live

After your onboarding call, you will be able to continue to configure and test your Rally checkout setup. Once testing is complete and you’re ready to go-live, you can use the following checklist to go-live.

  • Verify your admin setup and checkout configuration

  • Set Rally checkout throttle in Rally admin -> checkout config -> traffic

    • If you are using anything less than 100%, ensure that your existing/platform checkout is still enabled as that is where the non-Rally checkout shoppers will be directed.

  • Rally checkout button added to your production storefront

    • We will discuss which path is right for you  in the initial onboarding call: will you add this yourself, or will we schedule an additional go-live call where the Rally team can support you for this.

  • Enable Rally checkout in admin